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Dr.Long is desperate to find a cure for the Lyssa X Virus and the Toxoplasma Gondii Z Virus. He sits down at his computer looking at his friends list for a person who could help him come up with a virus to kill a virus. He see’s his friend Josh has a lot of scientific background but he lost he job a few weeks ago. Dr. Long writes Josh an email that has the subect line Only Hope! In the email he asks Josh for his help in creating a virus that would control both the viruses. He sends Josh everything he could think of that would help Josh in creating the virus. He tells Josh the virus will be called Variant Creutzfeld-Jakob Rapid Rage (VCJRR) Virus. Dr.Long ends the email by telling Josh the VCJRR Virus is the only hope to save the world otherwise we are all going to die and come back as one of those things.